Your support matters

Write a Letter

Premature births are a complex issue, but something that is at the root of the problem is that many women feel stressed during pregnancy. Instead of judgement, imagine if it felt like a time of unconditional support from their entire community.

You’re invited to write a letter of encouragement to a currently pregnant woman in our city. We’ll collect the letters and hand-deliver them to women through March of Dimes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1  Your letter can be short or long as long as it’s from the heart.

 Encouragement is the key word here. These women don’t need long lists of advice. They simply need  to know that somewhere in Albany, someone is rooting for them.

3  Remember that many of the women receiving these notes live in poverty and may have very difficult lives. Remember, also, that none of that keeps them from being great moms.

4  If you’re a mom yourself, feel free to share personal experience with pregnancy. Sharing your own story is a great way to inspire someone else.

5  Sign your letter with just your first name. Recipients of the letters won’t know anything else about you.

Submit letters to Kathryn at March of Dimes.